Finding Compassionate Hospice Care

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Supporting people living with a life limiting condition. A Guide for Families When faced with the challenging reality of a life-limiting illness, finding the right Hospice Care for a loved one becomes a crucial decision. Hospice Care offers compassionate support, comfort, and dignity during the final stages of life, ensuring that patients receive holistic care […]

Understanding the Duration of Hospice Care

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Supporting people living with a life limiting condition. The duration of Hospice Care can vary significantly from one client to another, as it is tailored to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each individual and their specific  illness. Unlike other forms of community care that may have predefined timelines, Hospice Care is flexible and […]

Is Hospice the Last Stage of Life?

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Supporting people living with a life limiting condition. No, Hospice Care plays a vital role in providing specialized support and comfort to individuals who are living with a life-limiting illness. It is a compassionate approach that focuses on enhancing the quality of life rather than attempting to cure the illness. While Hospice Care is can […]

Can Hospice Care Be Provided at Home?

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Providing Compassionate Support in Familiar Surroundings is Hospice Care Hospice Care plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their families. While some may envision Hospice Care solely within the confines of a medical facility, the reality is that many clients prefer to receive this specialised care in the comfort of their […]

Volunteer Application

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Supporting people living with a life limiting condition. Volunteer Application to make a difference in hospice care  The information on this volunteer Application form is confidential. It is designed to give the Hospice Care Association the opportunity to get to know you a little better and understand how you would like to contribute to our […]

Training Sessions

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Hospice volunteers provide support and companionship. Volunteer Training Before becoming a volunteer you are required to have a recent national police check, to attend an informal interview prior to training and a follow-up one afterwards. Training to the role of Hospice Volunteer and Orientation to the Organisation consists of around 25 hours of face to […]

Our Volunteers

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“Where Quality Care Matters Most” Services provided by Hospice Volunteers Volunteers contribute to the holistic support of the client in a variety of ways.  We can: Provide respite in a client’s home Stay overnight with a client to ensure the carer gets some well-deserved sleep. Visit clients in hospital or in residential aged care facilities […]

Client Information

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Hospice help you to maintain a dignified lifestyle. Interested in referring someone to us? PDF REFERRAL FORM Click headings below for Client Information… What is Hospice Care? Hospice is an organisation that provides volunteers to assist people through the progression of their life limiting illness, enabling them to maintain a dignified lifestyle in the environment […]


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Supporting people living with a life limiting condition. What is Hospice Care? What is hospice care, its a type of specialised care that is offered to individuals who are in the final stages of a terminal illness. The primary goal of Hospice Care is to provide comfort and support to individuals during this difficult time, […]