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Can Hospice Care Be Provided at Home?

Providing Compassionate Support in Familiar Surroundings is Hospice Care

Hospice Care plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their families. While some may envision Hospice Care solely within the confines of a medical facility, the reality is that many clients prefer to receive this specialised care in the comfort of their own homes. Here, we will explore the benefits of home-based Hospice Care and shed light on the compassionate services offered by organisations like the Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc.

Understanding Home-Based Hospice Care

Home-based Hospice Care provides a compassionate and supportive approach that enables clients to spend their end-of-life journey in the comforting embrace of their own environment, surrounded by the presence and care of their loved ones. The Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc. strongly upholds the belief that every individual should have the chance to uphold their dignity and maintain a meaningful lifestyle in the environment that resonates with them the most. By honoring this principle, we strive to create a nurturing and respectful space where clients can find solace, peace, and the support they need during this significant phase of life.

Comprehensive Hospice Care System

At the Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc., a dedicated team of Volunteers work  in tandem with skilled professional staff to create a comprehensive support system. This system aims to address the diverse needs of clients and their families throughout the entire process. The organisation understands that individuals with life-limiting illnesses require more than just medical care and symptom management; they also need emotional, spiritual and social support.

Emotional and Practical Support

Facing a terminal illness can be an emotionally challenging experience for both clients and their families and friends. The Volunteers at the Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc. are trained to provide social and emotional support in a companionable way. They strive to create a sense of comfort and reassurance during this difficult time, offering a compassionate presence and a listening ear.

The Volunteers adopt a “BEING WITH” approach, focusing on the individual and their needs rather than “DOING FOR”. They engage in meaningful conversations, partake in activities such as puzzles or games, and even share videos, all while providing emotional support and companionship. By offering holistic support, the organisation aims to improve the overall well-being of clients and their families.

Benefits of Home-Based Care

Choosing home-based Hospice Care offers several key benefits. First and foremost, it allows clients to remain in a familiar environment surrounded by their loved ones. This familiarity can bring a sense of comfort and security during a time of great uncertainty. Being in a place filled with cherished memories and personal belongings can significantly enhance the quality of life for clients in their final stages.

Additionally, home-based care promotes the involvement of family members and friends in the caregiving process. Loved ones can become active participants in the care plan, fostering a stronger support network and ensuring the client receives the best possible care. Furthermore, clients can maintain their daily routines and enjoy a greater sense of autonomy and independence, as they are not bound by the regulations and schedules of a medical facility.


Hospice Care provided at home offers a compassionate and empathetic approach to supporting individuals with life-limiting illnesses. The Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania Inc. exemplifies the dedication and commitment required to make a positive difference in the lives of clients and their families.

By delivering comprehensive support that encompasses both emotional and social needs, this organization enables individuals to maintain their dignity and quality of life, even in the face of a terminal illness. Embracing home-based Hospice Care ensures that clients can spend their final moments surrounded by the people and environment they hold dear, promoting comfort, love, and peace.