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The Quilt

We offer a helping hand to the client and their family.

The Hospice Quilt

Completed in 2003 after twelve months of “work” by Hospice volunteers with Viki Elphinstone as manager.

The quilt was then brought together by Jan Nes, also a volunteer and co-ordinator for Hospice Care at Smithton and, also, a member of the Circular Head Quilters Group. Jan passed away in recent years.

Each square depicts the manner in which the Volunteer considers their work, clients and the Association in general.

Completed with the intention of hanging in the “Hospice” when it comes to fruition, but until then it currently hangs in the passage of the Hospice Palliative Care Offices at Parkside in Burnie.

Hospice Care Association - Quilt

What the quilt means to me:

Some of our volunteers explain what the quilt means to them;

Coloured balloons (top line)

“Balloons remind me of peace and tranquility as they fly so high and free”

— R Johnson

Hands (2nd row, 2nd square)

“We offer a hand to the client and their family to let them know that they are not alone; that there is always a hand to hold”

— L Hayes

4th Row, 4th Square

“To me Hospice means listening ears and helping hands”

— S Van Norden